The digital Insurance Agents

Insurancesasa is a group of insurance agents working for top insurance companies such as Britam, Jubilee, Monarch, CIC, ICEA Lion and UAP Old Mutual. Our job is to be available whenever and wherever you need an insurance product. We figured out that most of the Kenyan middle class may actually not have the time to trace agents physically. We therefore make it easy for you to find us on the internet.

We are however loyal to our employers and all business from you is insured by one of the major insurance companies for whom we work.

There is no extra cost for you by using our services at all. Insurancesasa is simply our way of finding business. It also enables us work as a team such that every one of our clients can get timely services regardless of the availability of the direct agent you meet first.

Who do we Serve?

We serve prospective insurance clients willing to get any form of insurance from top insurance companies listed below.

  1. Britam

  2. CIC

  3. ICEA Lion

  4. Monarch

  5. Metropolitan Cannon

  6. Kenindia

  7. Jubilee

  8. UAP Old Mutual

  9. Geminia

  10. Heritage

  11. Sanlam

  12. Amaco

  13. AAR

And many others.

Do you need any form of insurance? Please call 0715790920 now for an immediate hookup with an insurance agent from your preferred insurance company.