General Insurance products provide cover for all other things appart from life. They include assets such as vehicles, property, career, businesses etc


This policy covers motor owners against losses that may arise as a result of an accident, fire, theft and so on.

Domestic Package

This policy provides protection for the home of the insured. We say home, instead of house, since it covers more than the house. 


This policy provides financial benefits in case the insured sustains injuries or passes on due to injuries sustained as a result of an accident. 


Medical covers provide with protection against medical costs incurred due to illness or accident. The covers can either be stand-alone outpatient, inpatient or a combination of both. Note that like the personal accident policy, this cover may be taken as an individual or as a group.


This policy provides financial protection against unforeseen adverse events for travellers. The events covered may include trip cancellation, lost luggage, service failure, emergency landing and theft. Note that this policy can cover many more events depending on the needs of the traveller.


This policy covers liability to a third party emanating from a loss incurred to the insured’s client as a result of the insured’s action or in-action. An example is a surgeon who can be covered against lawsuits as a result of surgeries gone wrong.


This policy covers any business against the liability that may accrue to a customer or the general public due to an unfavorable event that may happen at the business premise. It therefore covers medical expenses that may arise as a result of an on-premise accident, lawsuit costs that may follow an unfavorable event or even damage to property.


This policy provides cover against damage or loss of goods while they are being transported. The cover extends to the loading, offloading and damage as a result of overturning, derailment and collision.

Burglary & theft insurance

This policy provides protection against losses caused by theft and damage of property by criminals. The policy covers the insured’s lost property, damaged possessions and the house structures that may be damaged due to forced entry into the premises.